Monday, 19 September 2011

Creativity 101 End Results

This is the end result from all those sketches! For my three final turnovers I some how managed to mix the three themes; life form, structure and mechanical. For example my life form is a caterpillar whose markings portrays a skyline - structure - and my structure of a light bulb with mannequin men inside seems as if you could animate, bring to life - life form - and finally for my mechanical it is a cog work bee - life form.

Life Form
I created the caterpillar from the stage lights. To start I arranged the stage lights in a continuous line and came up with several ideas from this. The two main ideas being the caterpillar and the skyline, which I then collaborated to get my final design.
I created the light bulb with mannequin men from (surprise, surprise) the light bulb! It does seem very basic, yet I think this is a good idea. The filament looked like two men standing with their hands together. In my initial thumbnails I formed a mini storyboard, where you can see the two figures escaping, then destroying the light bulb. The reason that I stuck with this idea was simply because I could imagine animation after the design.
I created the mechanical bee from an object that looked like a beehive, I then looked at cogs and spanners to build the bee from. I kept the design simple, as quite frankly, I ran out of time! I would of developed it further and would of created my design in more detail, as well as vary the mechanical components used.

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  1. Hey Lydia,

    A really unique take on the project here - and it's great to have you in the mix. I look forward to learning what animal you've been spliced with...