Monday, 26 September 2011

First Portrait

This is my first portrait I've completed, I know it's the wrong way up but for whatever reason the computer refuses to put it up the right way!!


  1. hi Lydia, I am Ruben a 3rd Year in your course. You may remember me giving a boring presentation on the Friday before university started.

    Firstly, thank you for following my blog hope it will help with some stuff. Secondly, I really like your approach on describing your animal/ yourself post. and also that you began drawing, always good. my suggestion is keep that hand creative and moving.

    oh and good luck for this year, hope you enjoy!

  2. Hey Lydia :D Just to let you know that your creative partner, Jamie, has at last got his blog up and running - see link below - go introduce yourself and get him up to speed! ;)

  3. hey hey partner! :) just a word of advice, when taking pictures it would be better if your background is white or plain, or even if there isn't a background, due to your picture giving the impression it has been thrown on a cobble floor, which I know isn't the case :D!

    but I love the drawing by the way! :D BIG HAIR! and lots of detail within it... LOVE.