Sunday, 25 September 2011

Profile: Henry/Lydia

Name: Henry (the hyena)
Age: 10 years
Lives: Africa
Likes: Eating animals with hooves, hunting in large groups
Dislikes: Being known as a scavenger
Meaning: Hyena in African mythology and folklore means bringer of light or corruption

Special feature: Spotted coat 

Name: Lydia
Age: 18 years
Lives: England
Likes: Going shopping with friends, watching films
Dislikes: Any food from the sea 
Meaning: The name Lydia means Greek warrior woman
Special feature: Big hair


  1. Ha! Awesome :) Combing the outer features should be fun. How about if you combine the skeletons? You have to see your splice inside out. Look at the pose of the human figure in comparison to the hyena's. All in all, try and bring your splice to life and give it a bit of logic in its anatomy ;)

  2. Definitely going to experiment and try and combine the skeletons of human and hyena!! I'll post the outcome soon :)

  3. I love your witty approach, Lydia - you have a strong visual way of conveying research etc. It's quirky, yet professional - and I like it. Is it wrong, but I think that hyena looks rather, well, adorable - for a scavenging carnivore, that is...

  4. Thanks Phil, I may have slightly focused on the more adorable side of the hyena!! I intended to show more of a variety of hyena in my influence map, which will be posted soon!