Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Unit 1: Anatomy

Crocuta crocuta is the animal I'm to be spliced with!! Lovely!! For those who don't have a clue about Latin, me neither, it is a hyena. First thoughts - I can work with this. After googling images I decided to look at the skeleton to gain a better understanding about the animal, hence I drew a few images to get my project started.


  1. Interesting animal you got spliced with, I look forward to seeing your end result it should be quite original :D

    Also Lovely clean lines on this sketch very nice :3

  2. agreed! And I love the simple flair of the way you've presented your strip of paper (though you should shrink it a bit to fit your template - just because I'm super-fussy!) - what this tells me is that you have an eye for presentation and you like to present yourself well - this is good news indeed, and I encourage you to continue! A confident beginning - so lots more please - make your blog a fascinating place to browse!