Saturday, 29 October 2011


I love the colours and contrast depicted within the piece - beautiful!!
The 3 concept artworks above were found on - the style of the artist is amazing!!!
Jamie Jasso  - felt this was the closest to my first landscape, the atmosphere is depicted amazingly

The only words to describe these is WOW!!! I chose these four in particular as I loved the overall style, atmosphere and colour. These will be my inspirations for this project without a doubt!! Lets hope I manage to produce something half as amazing as these!!


  1. Loving the colours in 1,2 and3 , especially 1. The last one is probably a little too generic to stand out against the boldness of colour in 1. The blue, lilac and greens in the shadows are what make that image pop. You may want to consider your style a little before diving in... not for too long though :)

  2. I agree :) I'm thinking about using the colours from one, think it works well with my book