Monday, 3 October 2011

Online Greenlight Review



  1. OGR 03/10/11

    Hey Lydia,

    Thanks for the nicely organised OGR - firstly, can I make you promise me that you default to your comfort zone re. digital painting. That would be a defeat of the purpose of change. I totally understand that you want ensure your work is perfect, 'the best a Hyena hybrid can do', but being the best at this stage, may not be as useful as being 'experienced' or 'challenged' or 'brave!'. So promise me - don't bottle the real challenge of learning in the pursuit of something as fleeting as 'short term success'. If you're not confident in terms of digital painting, work at it until you are! Why else did you come here if not to get better at things and grow new creative muscles? :D An interesting failure is far better than an uninteresting success. Trust me on this - fortune favours the brave, oh frizzy one...

    In terms of your hybrid, and establishing a direction, I suggest you start thinking about the social status of your hybrid; are you happy to be this way, are you powerful? Maybe your own kind shuns you - maybe your new desire to tear flesh and hunt in packs disgusts and terrifies you? Identifying these issues will help you stage your portrait, will give you additional information by which you can make up your mind re. the final portrait. You actually seem very excited about your splice, but what would be the consequences, and can those consequences help you build more of a context for your portrait?

    In regards to your essay, it's very sensible to delimit your investigation of this massive, far-ranging subject to the 'bird/woman' strand, because 1,500 words is really nothing at all, and it's better to say something meaningful about fewer examples, than saying nothing much about a whole host of stuff. I want you to look carefully at the essay criteria on the brief itself (i.e. Your introduction must...) but also, spend time with the Rough Guide on myUCA/Anatomy/Unit Materials/Writing Resources - particularly with the 'Style Guide' section and looking too at the example essay for Unit 1. Pay close attention to the structure, presentation and use of academic convention. I see no reason why, if you spend some time with these resources and applying the advice to your own writing, you should be able to structure and execute a good written assignment at undergraduate level. Don't disappoint! Get your intro posted '@Phil' on here as soon as you're ready, but do not leave it too late. GIve yourself plenty of time for the written assignment. It matters.

  2. sorry - typo - should have read "can I make you promise me that you *won't* default to your comfort zone re. digital painting...


  3. Thanks Phil, as you probably already know I'm a bit of a ‘perfectionist’ so this project will be a major learning curve for me and I hopefully won’t disappoint! The frizzy one will be brave!!! Definitely will look into the background of my portrait and make a few needed decisions there. Lastly the essay, I need to narrow down the question and will work on this over the weekend and post an intro soon!