Thursday, 17 November 2011

Digital Thumbnails (up to 102!!)

In the OGR I was given advice by Phil that my hut thumbnails were too generic - and although I really loved them I agreed, eventually!! So playing round with ideas I came up with the ball in a spiral concept and ran with that! Number 48 shows it in its basic idea and 51 is the finalised concept. The spiral is the branches and vines holding the hut in place and the vines, grass, leaves etc is the hut itself. The glow comes from the idea of it being night time - 'glowing huts'. Within my final design concept thumbnail I have decided to have the main hut central and large, then have in the background the smaller huts - I feel this will give my design a strong focal point and more depth. Thumbnails 91-95 are for the 'Strange World' just trying to develop textures and strong colours. The final design is simple in terms of design, but I intend to make it 'weird and beautiful' in my colours and textures. The 'Temple of Mahar' still hasn't got a strong final thumbnail, but for now I think the elements that will make up the design will be a good starting point, in particular 100-102. The idea of using a 'glassy' tiling on one of the walls in the temple. All in all I'm becoming more confident in my photoshop skills, but still have lots of room for improvement!!

Thumnail 51 finalised hut design

Final Concept for 'Strange World' Thumbnail

Final Concept for 'Tree Top Village' Thumbnail

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  1. FRIZZIA!!!!! I LOVE that final concept! It's about a billion times more imaginative and otherworldly - go, go, go! :)

    For your info: