Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Digital Thumbnails

These thumbnails just show a basic idea of what my vision of the first section of my text 'weird and beautiful', 'tangled mass of fallen trunks and branches'. I've now learnt from Friday's Photoshop lesson that atmosphere is vital when producing concept paintings - it adds the impact!
Black and White


  1. Hey Lydia, some nice exploratory thumbnails here, and yes atmosphere is very important especially to get people excited and believing your world.

    A good thing to keep in mind to further sell atmosphere, is the sense of scale you give to your concepts. Strong perspective and relatable read world objects in your scene can help achieve this, as well as ensuring you have a good sense of depth with distinguishable foreground, midground and background elements. 'At the Earth's Core' should provide some nice subjects to play around with!

    Look forward to seeing some more thumbnails/ideas - keep it up :)

  2. check out 'impressionism', Lydia - similar ideas about light and mood and suggestion.

  3. Thank-you for your help Leo and Phil :)