Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Online Greenlight Review



  1. Hi Phil sorry it was put up a little late - had major problems with Scrib. Also I had a great front for the titles so disappointed it looks bland now after it had been Scrib'ed!!! One last thing me and Kadeem have been talking but just haven't got round to commenting on each others blogs - so don't worry we shall write loads of comments asap!!! :)

  2. OGR 08/11/2011

    Hey Lydia,

    Your progress so far is satisfying - an instance of thinking-by-doing, which is the only way in my book, and you've generated some nicely textural thumbnails. I know Photoshop Phill assisted you in that 3rd thumbnail, but it's worth taking notes from its success. It gives an immediate sense of being 'in' and environment; that strong curve sweeps us into and under; the world feels congested and organic and living and we are not standing on the outside of this world, we are inside; consider how you might ensure that when we're looking up at the rooftop village, we are also looking through/looking over elements to further create the experience of space (as if we could turn around and the world would be all about us). Obviously this is the stuff of fantasy, but one of the BIG mistakes students make is to turn their back on real world reference; so for example, right now you're drawing your huts in a largely generic way, but consider going back to the world for some inspiration for more speculative designs; so for example:






    Also - though the description of the Mahar temple may not allude directly to carvings or decorative elements, the logic of it being a 'temple' - a place of importance would certainly suggest that carvings, markings, surface decoration might feature as an additional detail - a way to add a few further layers of interest to the scene and stop it reading as 'generic cave'...


    Your job as concept artist is certainly to find ways to lend richness and originality to the scenes - and also cinematic, widescreen SCALE!

    Re, your written assignment, yes, Avatar is a sensible choice because of the 'eco-systemical' approach to the production design (i.e. they built an entire world). Your essay should include a definition of production design and visual concept in general prior to you applying that definition to Avatar - please read the production design articles available to you on myUCA BEFORE you start your assignment!

  3. Thank-you Phil!! The pictures have inspired me a lot and i agree i need to be less generic more original and not to stick with the safe ideas!!!! Hopefully I'll have some more imaginitive thumbnails coming this way soon!!