Thursday, 1 December 2011

Floris Neususs

Ages ago I went to an exhibition at the V&A called 'Shadow Catchers; Camera-less photography' where one artist in particular, Floris Neususs, stood out and captured my imagination. This time his work is more relevant and will definitely have a major impact within my initial ideas. His work is simple, but beautiful. His piece 'Be Right Back' has the 'uncanny' feel about it, the fact you can just see a chair, yet the shadow portrayed is of a chair that someone is sitting on. Giving its audience an eerie sensation. The 'quirky' title can either be seen as playful fun or something quite sinister - perfect inspiration for this project. The 'Gewitterbild, Kassel, 1984' has a touch of the paranormal about it, although just a hazy nature photogram is seems 'ghostly'. The final two images, both untitled, have a touch of dream-like subconciousness, as if floating through a dream or a nightmare. Something so simple as a 'shadow' can play on the mind continuously.

'Born in Lennep, Germany, in 1937, Neususs has dedicated his whole career to extending the practice, study and teaching of the photogram. Alongside his work as an artist, he is known as an influential writer and teacher on camera-less photography. Neususs brought renewed ambition to the photogram process, in both scale and visual treatment, with the Körperfotogramms (or whole-body photograms) that he first exhibited in the 1960s. Since that time, he has consistently explored the photogram's numerous technical, conceptual and visual possibilities.' (

'Be Right Back'

'Gewitterbild, Kassel, 1984'

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