Thursday, 1 December 2011

Influential Artists

Influential Artists shown during the breifing presentation, 5 specific artists that stood promient.

Edward Hopper
I love Edward Hopper's bold style and the way his subject is always the main focus. The prominent choice of colour brings the scene to life and the constant use of a window brings ambiguity to the piece. The crop of the scenes and sharp lines brings the sense of the uncanny. 

Russell I Sorgi
The idea of the woman falling forever, frozen in time, is both chilling and thought provoking. The fact you see the woman falling before the people through the window gives us a sense that life will never be the same. A moment captured in time - emotions, movement and life.

Jeff Wall
I love this piece that Jeff Wall has assembled. The lights are cluttered, but appear beautifully and individually placed. The fact the ceiling contrasts to its surroundings gets the audiences' minds wondering. Within my own piece I was something as bold and great as this to bewilder.

Sandy Skoglund
The primary colours used to contrast the imagery is brilliant. It seems like the artist takes a setting that is everyday and flips it on its head and builds a world they want to see. The cluttered composition is delicately placed.

Gregory Crewdson
Gregory Crewdson takes something everyday and turns it into a new, eerie space. The idea of having a flower patch in the kitchen is remarkable. The models face's in all the photographs gives the audience so much to read from the piece - the idea of all emotions drained - as if fed up of life. You begin to build stories behind the piece and make up situations for the models involved. The idea of isolation is heavily depicted.

Films that have given me a few inspirational thoughts include 'Sleeping With the Enemy', 'Black Swan', 'Poison Ivy' - all psychological thrillers - include the idea of striving for perfection and the idea of breaking free from whatever is constraining them.

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