Thursday, 15 December 2011

Online Greenlight Review



  1. OGR 16/12/2011

    Hey Frizzia,

    No thumbnails on here, so I can't quite picture your intentions, though your intentions are expressed with confidence in terms of how you want your audience to interact with your image - almost as if it is a puzzle. Natalie Shaw's work is highly theatrical and decorative, while Neususs' work is minimal and stark. You might want to look at the work of Joel Peter-Witkin too - though it's all quite disturbing...

    I'm intrigued by your choice of film for your written assignment, as The Beach doesn't instantly describe itself to me as an 'uncanny' experience - BUT that just makes your essay more intriguing for me; just remember, however, that your assignment needs to first very clearly introduce and define the nuts and bolts of the theory of the uncanny according to Freud etc, BEFORE you start using those ideas to unpick The Beach.

    Get some thumbnails on here as and when, and we can continue to discuss your approach to your digital set.

  2. Hey Phil

    Thanks phil for the comments :) one of the pages seems to not have loaded - which has the thumbnails of the attic and the uncanny objects within it. I'll post them asap!!!

    And I wasnt a hundred percent on the film but I was thinking in terms of isolation, the feel and impact of the film - that something isn't right. Also the scene where its portrayed as a video game.

    Thanks again Phil, sorry it was late!