Thursday, 1 December 2011

Previous Work

Thinking about the idea of juxtapositions reminds me of a few photographs I took for art coursework. I'm including them as I feel these could be possible inspirations for this project, although the ones where I'm posing in, I may regret posting! 

The first selection comes from the idea of having a man made object reflecting nature. I thought the strong contrast and bold frame of the mirror definitely relates to the uncanny. Giving me an idea of reflection an interior to build my 'uncanny' scene.

The second selection comes from the idea of conveying a intense juxtaposition of childhood and adulthood, stuck between the two. The vodka and teddy bear are the bold and prominent contrasts throughout the photographs. The portrayal of childhood treasures and adult addiction. The itemscontradict each other. The subject is dressed in what can be described as a purple dolls dress, with a prominent collar and puffy, short sleeves, suggesting the childhood aspect. Whilst hair, make-up and bare feet suggest addition - black, smudgy eyes and bright red lips with an explosion of messy hair. I think the photographs have an eerie quality to them.

                                             (and no the picture above is not of a typical Friday night!!)


  1. go easy on that vodka now.. Save some for the teddy bear..

  2. These pics are good ones to look at especially the mirrors since they contrast the views and colours.

    No Phil, the teddy bears rather not have vodka- they've gone suicidal and hang themselves on the tree epspecially the top one!! I feel sorry for them... :'( haha ojoj

  3. No bears were hurt in the making of the photographs...