Thursday, 1 December 2011

Unit 3: Environment

Looking at the 'uncanny' and 'unhomely' this project is certainly going to be testing, but in an exciting way! The Freudian concept of 'the uncanny' is when something can be familiar, yet foreign to us simultaneously - therefore making it strange and uncomfortable. Almost like a psycho horror film when the audience can sense something isn’t right, but can’t see what’s wrong. The 'tableaux vivant' style is bold and theatrical, where props/objects/mise-en-scene is prominent within a landscape.
Floris Neususs's Installion at the V&A
 Initial thoughts of starting points for this project; superstitions, shadows, juxtapositions, dreams/nightmares, déjà vu, supernatural/ghosts. Before I can really delve into this project artistically I need to do research into various artists and photographers to give me inspirations of style and composition.

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