Monday, 2 January 2012

Thumbnails 1-11 (finally!!)

After the long wait I'm finally putting up the first batch! Hope you enjoy!

1. Structured attic/hall way
2. Attic with atmosphere
3. Attic with uncanny items
4. Wooden floor boards - creating textures
5. Structured attic/hall way with the repeated items
6. Chest of love letters - arise queries
7. Rocking chair - taking inspiration from a scene from Woman In Black
8. Brick wall - experimenting with Photoshop to create believable texture
9. Mirror
10. Necklace - random objects in juxtaposing places can create an uncanny appeal, hence a new necklace in an old, decaying attic would work as a contrast
11. Cracked Mirror

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lydia!!

    Hope youve had a good Christmas and New Year! Great start on the thumbs, personally I love the effects you used on the 3rd one but thumbs 1 and 5 I feel it don't quite show the unhomely feel. Apart from that its a good start!! Keep it up!! Casnt wait to see more of these!! :D