Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Thumbnails 12-21

At this point I still really like the attic idea, but as it has a feel of generic (rather that the uncanny!) I think the following thumbnails will do better to convey the brief. Thinking in terms of repetitive elements and windows, curtains. A few ideas floating around are the idea of a decaying nursery - the contrast between a new baby and an old, rotting nursery. Another thing that sprung to mind was Wayne Thiebauld's 'Yellow Dress', a single item of clothing on a hanger somehow reminds me of the uncanny. I included a study that I produced in acrylic. The next batch of thumbnails includes nursery ideas and using the dress to create a range of shadows - thinking back to Floris Neususs.

1 comment:

  1. yep - the idea of 'disembodied clothes' recalls 'body parts' I suppose - which is why they have that vibe - I'd pursue it - and remember, if you go too gothic, too 'haunted house' you might just undo all the uncanny stuff, because a haunted house is where we go to feel spooked, so, in truth, we're ready for the feeling. Take a look at de Chirico or Magritte for alternatives to 'spooky'... but yes, the dress thing has promise!