Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Thumbnails 22 and 23 - Turning Point

Scrapping the idea of the attic, due to the fact I now find it generic and had definitely gone down the 'haunted house route', I have moved on to bedroom. Yes I know it may seem boring, but what I have done with it is hopefully not! Thinking about colours and the idea of a shadow being a reflection I have come up with these two thumbnails. Still have lots more room for improvement, but as a new starting point I think this will make my final piece interesting and uncanny! Other objects that have come to mind is the idea of old photographs in chintzy frames.


  1. Hellos!!

    Nice!! I think that using the blues, yellows and white tones would help show the unhomely side. I like the layout of this piece but it could do with maybe a bit more depth? as at the minute its a bit empty and maybe it could have a few more things lying around since its a bedroom? Good work Frizzy!! :P

  2. Thanks Joey :) and yep i agree it definitely needs more depth!!

  3. Lots of potential here - but you might want to think about identifying a specific era/geography - for example, is this an 1950s bedroom in America, or is this a 1970s bedroom in the UK? Making these decisions will help you put the rest of the puzzle together - i.e. wallpaper pattern, sorts of objects etc. Have a ponder.