Sunday, 8 January 2012

Thumbnails 24 - 40

As much as I loved the idea of the 'uncanny yellow dress' I felt it was necessary to explore other options and in doing so came to a bolder final development. In thumbnails 24 and 25 I focused on placing objects in random places and used the shadows to convey missing objects. Number 27 smacks of uncanny, a fridge that has photographs of food in frames rather than food itself. I decided to leave this concept behind as I felt it was limiting a scene. Thumbnails 28 to 30 were thinking about uncanny elements that could be subtly used to convey the desired atmosphere. Thumbnails 31 to 40 is where it all changed for me, the idea of an elevator, I felt, was very uncanny - it was also a personal fear of mine when I was younger, since I got my hands caught in the doors of a lift!!! Clearly I was a smart child!! Anyway getting back on subject I decided that I will follow through with the concept - using Freud's uncanny element of repeated numbers, which will be portrayed by the elevators floor buttons, room number reflected in elevator mirror. I think the handprints have worked out well, but in the final scene might not be needed. At the moment in my following thumbnails I'm trying to narrow down a time period, I'm pretty sure I was the lift to be in a hotel lobby. I like the elements of a 1912 elevator, for example the design from the lift in Titanic. The 'Hollywood Tower of Terror' also came to mind as a source of inspiration. The following thumbnails also continue with the idea of the dress hanging in the lift - which brings a bold uncanniness, I hope!!!


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