Sunday, 5 February 2012

Influential Videos

At the moment my head/hair is all over the place - for whatever reason I'm finding it 'challenging' to get my ideas down on paper, so for the now I've been researching and looking for influences. I think part of my distress with coming up with a good enough story is the problem of making a contortionist have appeal. Anyways enough of my moaning here are several examples I've found useful, looking in specific reference to my prop (vending machine) and character (contortionist).  

Coca Cola Animated Advert - What Really Happens in Vending Machines!!!
I love this soooo much!! Definitely one of the most original and influential adverts out there, this has influenced quite a few of my ideas e.g. a vending machine being a passage to a fairground/select a fairground ride from the vending machine and the fairground spills out and expands vastly/fairground inside the vending machine and to enter you must contort your way through.

Kit Kat Animated Advert - What A Difference A Kit Kat Makes!!!
I think this advert is also brilliant, yet the ending is indecisive, which annoys me a little!! Idea so far - starting off in an office (colours grey and drab) and then reaching a vending machine at the end of a long corridor - lightings flickering - man presses special combination of buttons and machine opens to reveal passage to fair ground.

Disney Pixar's Short Animation - Monsters Inc: Mike's New Car
This is great and shows how a successful the use of prop, character and environment can be in a short clip. The story line is simple, but works with a strong comedic effect/appeal. 

Spanish Advert for Milk
Thinking in terms of character and everyday life how contortion could be part of it.

2D Animation Dancers
This was found on facebook via Ilmi (thanks!!). Its movement is brilliant and although not to do with contortion has fluid movements that I could definitely use as an influence.

2D Animation Contortion
Again looking at movement and animation of contortion.

Contortionist Real Life Examples
These two clips are to gain reference and movement ideas about the character.

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