Sunday, 12 February 2012

Step Outline

Step Outline

Victim walks towards vending machine.

Victim notes the shoe lying on the ground to the side of the machine and also notes the fact there is only one can of drink left with a rather uncanny packaging.

Victim puts money in the machine regardless to the uneasiness of the vending machine and environment. Fairground music covers the eerie silence.

Vending machine doesn't drop can and Victim gets annoyed.

The Victim pushes, barges and shakes the machine, when this fails he reaches his hand and arm up into the machine.
The Victim tries to get his arm out of the machine and realises it's stuck and struggles.

Suddenly the Victim is viciously yanked into the machine.
The Victim's shoes remain outside of the machine.

The Victim finds himself in the vending machine, which has fairground/bright neon colours.
As the Victim starts to focus he realises he is on the tea cup ride and the spinning begins.

Whilst in the tea cup spins the man begins to laugh, even though his arms and head begin to contort freely.

The tea cup spins across to the other side of the machine where it is catapulted to the next section of the vending machine.

The tea cup playfully tips the Victim out into the house of mirrors.

The Victim finds that the mirrors stretch and squash him i.e. instead of just his reflection being distorted, the Victim himself is.

Unaware of the transformations the Victim laughs at his reflections.

At the end of the mirror section a bright, twisting tunnel that in turn twists the Victim until he reaches the next level in the machine.

As the next section the colours that were once bright start to become desaturated, the Victim stands still facing what appears to be the inside of a grabber machine. Soft toys cover the base of the level – as if a carpet.  

Suddenly there’s shadow, the Victim looks up to see the claw extend down towards him.

The claw picks the Victim up and stretches and pulls him to the other side of the machine – during this it becomes clear that the Victim is no longer finding this experience fun and games.

The Victim finds himself placed into a roller coaster seat, there is a moments pause before the roller coaster kicks off at full speed.

Whilst traveling round – doing loop the loop, cork screws etc – the Victim is contorted with the movement of the ride and his facial expressions change accordingly – which starts comical and ends in horror.

Once twisted and contorted into a compressed shape the Victim is piled into a bumper car.

The Victim struggles and tries to untie his limbs and attempts to break free from the car.

The Victim fails and the colours/lights fade.

A bright light is shone out at the end of the level and the bumper cart starts revving the engine, attached by its conductor pole to the ceiling.

The car jumps full speed ahead to this shrinking white light, until the car goes through it.

The screen goes black.

PAN OUT reveals there are now two cans in the machine - one now has the Victims forced smiling face imprinted on the can's packaging, representing what has happened to him.

Victim 2 unfazed about the fact there are three shoes by the side of the vending machine steps up.

Victim 2 places the money into the machine.

BLACK OUT O.S. The sound of the money dropping in the machine and the fairground music begins.

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