Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Story Ideas

Right so here it goes - should have put these up sooner, but just had trouble getting pen to paper.

Idea 1 - 'Fairground In a Little Box'

The idea of a vending machine dispensing small little boxes and when opened produce a whole environment - e.g. fairground. It starts showing a long queue of excited kids who open there boxes and enter the world. The last kid in the queue gets the left over box, which happens to be stuck in the machine. The kid is left completely alone as he starts to try and stretch into the machine/contortionist grabs it for him. To be honest I like the idea of a contorted environment spilling out of the box, but can't quite figure a substantial or original story from this.
(i) the other kids are surrounded by family and this one boy is alone - and when transported into his box environment a contortionist befriends him and shows him around the fairground
(ii) the box doesn't fall and he is left to look at the other kids enjoying the different places i.e. zoo, seaside etc. Eventually the contortionist comes to the rescue so he can explore his environment
(iii) the vending machine is full of different fairground rides and you select which one you wish to go on

Idea 2 - 'Mr Charlesworth's 6 Steps To Contortion'
Two characters; Mr Charlesworth and his apprentice. In simple terms 6 different tasks to complete before you can become a contortionist, presented like a book but the different tasks shown as videos. Portraying the success of Mr Charlesworth and the comical fail of his apprentice. One of the tasks involves contorting into a vending machine. The last sequence ends in the success of the apprentice - as celebrations begin he realises he is stuck in his contorted position.

Idea 3 - 'Larry the Loveable Lemar'/'Perrywinkle the Perky Pig'
Thinking of an over flexible lemar who in everyday life had to cope with his contortion - in reference to a previous advert posted (Spanish Milk Ad). The short clip will show his difficultly in everyday life, but presented in a comical way - like eating a banana with his feet or sneezing and ending up in a 'contortionist lump'. Or another quick idea - a different, unexpected animal that you think won't contort ... say a pig - yet through this his talent is showcased at a fairground - use of newspaper cuttings to show the little pig's success.

Idea 4 - 'What Really Goes On Inside a Vending Machine'
Three kids imaginings of what happens inside a fairground vending machine (still very vague about this idea, but I liked the title).

Idea 5 - 'How To Contort Yourself Into a Vending Machine'
Start with a little, chubby kid at a fairground who goes to use the vending machine. Lots of quick close up shots (putting the money in, selecting the chocolate etc). The camera then focuses on the chocolate that is about to fall and then it pauses as it doesn't drop. The kid bursts into tears automatically. Then a slim, tall female contortionist slides out from behind him, she then gets the food that is stuck and gives it the kid - whose face is amazed - very animated!! As she leaves the kid gets greedy and tries her trick himself resulting in him getting his arm stuck in the machine and the chocolate bar uneaten, but out of reach.

Idea 6 - 'Just Another Day At the Office'
Starts with a gray, mundane office with noises of typing at the computer, phones ringing, pen scratching etc gradually getting louder and quicker, until the character stands abruptly and walks out. He goes down a long corridor towards the vending machine, he selects what he wants, but the machine swallows his money. As he starts banging and barging the machine he sees a hand and arm reach from the machines exist/entrance. He is then pulled into the machine, which turns out to be a fairground. I imagine fast pace shots and loud musical/confusing fairground noise - like being on a 'roller-coaster of energy'. The journey comes to a stop as then man sits down in a large arm chair and gets served on by several contortionists rushing round him - from massage to drinks to entertainment. The shot then goes to the outside of the original vending machine the door opens and the man exists waving goodbye to the fairground and contortionists.

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