Saturday, 11 February 2012

Things Just Got Sinister!!!

After talking with Phil we managed to come up with an idea I'm happy with! So here it is - the scene starts in a dark, foggy alley way and at the end is a vending machine – neon, luminous colours – with a shoe to the side of the machine. A man walks towards it, only one can of drink is left in the machine – with a weird, character smiley face. The man puts his money in in the machine and fairground music is beamed out. The man watches as the can is about to fall in anticipation. The can gets stuck and the man gets annoyed, he starts to push and barge the machine, the can remains still. Eventually the man reaches his hand and arm in the machine in an attempt to get the can. He finds suddenly he is yanked into the machine, and as its an animation, he begins to shrink. His shoes left on the outside of the machine. The man is then pulled, stretched, twisted round the machine as if on fairground rides. At first the man appears happy and laughing at the 'contortion travel' around the machine, but as he gradually gets closer to the can the music slows down and the colours become darker, the once happy expression on his face has changed to looks of pain as the stretching becomes more extreme. There appears a light at the end of this journey, which begins to shrink as he is dragged towards it - it appears to swallow him whole. Silence. The next shot is panning out from the vending machine, where you see there is now two cans in the machine - the face of the man is printed on the second can - again a creepy, forced smile. As the camera zooms out another character walks along and stops at the vending machine. Close up of the character putting the money in. The scene goes black and you hear the money drop and the fairground music beams out. The End!!


The shoe, the can and the fact the can doesn’t fall when selected are all subtle hints of what is to come. I like the idea of when watching it back you see all these clues and suggestions to the narrative that you had over looked before. The music is going to be vital in this, as it sets the tone and atmosphere. The fairground tune is going to prove most effective – as at the start the audience sees this as something positive, yet second time round sees it as sinister.


  1. Sounds ominious from the get go and liking this idea. Can't wait to see some imagery :)