Sunday, 12 February 2012

Thinking It Through

Before writing my script I need to consider what is actually going to happen inside my vending machine, which is harder than I thought it was going to be!!! The image below you might not be able to read/understand but that’s my process of thinking through the different levels in the vending machine. Each level relates to a ride/attraction at a fairground and also is what triggers the Victims movements i.e. whether he's being stretched, squashed, twisted etc. As the levels progress the fear factor increases from what was a happy, fun rides turns into a disastrous, torturing journey.

Level 1 - Tea Cups
Level 2 - Fun House
Level 3 - Grabber Machine
Level 4 - Roller Coaster
Level 5 - Bumper Cart

Below are a few inspirational videos for movements/ideas of what will happen in the machine

Sesame Street: 12 and Pinball
(found by Phil)

Kit Kat's Human Vending Machine!!

Coca Cola Happiness Machine
(If my machine wasn't sinister this is what it could have turned out like!!)

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