Saturday, 17 March 2012

Influence Map

AHHHH!!!! Still can't believe I have not come up with a design I'm contempt with for my pugnacious teapot! Back to the influence maps! The selection I have researched below will hopefully give me that final push, influence to create a design that's good enough for the final animation - wish me luck!!

I felt this Teapot in particular was simple, yet the shape had character - so I'm aiming to work off this design. At the moment I'm thinking of a posh, little, pugnacious teapot with a lid that looks like a top hat?!!? - I don't know maybe 'posh' and 'pugnacious' shouldn't be teamed together.

Origami Animation "2DTeapot" 
The Animation below I felt was simple and effective - delightful!

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