Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Thinking Out Loud
Looking at different aspects from a variety of clips these three examples proved most inspirational in terms of character, movement and personality.

Object behaviour without facial features - Luxo Jr (1986)
This short Pixar animation brilliantly portrays the emotion of the objects without any help from 'human' facial features/expressions. Observing the clip it becomes clear that movement and sound is vital in the conveying the information to the audience. The difference in size between the objects can also assist in creating narrative, back story, as well as gain sympathy from an audience.

Mrs Potts' movement - Beauty and The Beast (1991)
Thinking in terms of movement Disney's Beauty and The Beast has to be a definitive inspiration. Since, obviously, teapots don't have legs a hobble, hop, jump is needed for movement to occur. As the spout and handle are prominent features of a teapot these aspects will have to be emphasised to produce emotion i.e. handle acts as if an arm/hand on a hip, spout wrinkles like a nose to show annoyance.

Dory being pugnacious - Finding Nemo (2003)
I think the 'pugnacious' attitude can easily be used for comical value, hence in the clip below this is portrayed. This is major inspiration for my character as the energy, expressions can be read clearly without sound. Response and reaction is to be key comedy wise - as if the other characters don't take/back down from the ‘pugnacious’ attitude this could cause a laugh.

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