Thursday, 8 March 2012

Story Ideas

This is going to be a really rough, chuck out story ideas post, ok so here it goes.

(1) The idea of the teapot feeling threatened by a cafetiere - teapot being small, chipped, common and the cafetiere being tall, new, polished - hence the pugnacious attitude towards the new piece of kitchenware.

(2) Setting Gran’s house. You have the teapot bullying a saucer, tea cup, sugar shaker and spoon (– the reason why at the moment is hazy!!). In the end the teapot’s pugnacious behaviour is rewarded by a little old lady wrapping him up in a knitted, kitch tea cosy!!

(3) The animation starts with the teapot in a tea cosy hence his pugnacious attitude.

(4) The idea of a perfect tea set = 'perfect family' and the idea of a pugnacious teapot being a challenging teenager!?

(5) The last idea I had is kind of crazy but hey here it is - the idea of a 'Jeremy Kyle' style tea service, with the different kitchenware being dragged into the teapots pugnacious attitude.  

These are the first few idea I have to play with, so I’m going to keep thinking how I can develop them and by the end of the weekend have a fixed idea in place – well let’s hope!!

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