Thursday, 8 March 2012

Video Influences

And the thinking continues . . .

Disney's Alice In Wonderland (1951)
Again just looking at different ways to animate my teapot, this inspires the steam movement! I like the idea of my teapot spitting hot tea when being pugnacious and steaming when undermined/embarrassed - the idea of retreating. 

Simon's Cat - 2D Animation
I included this as it's a perfect example of simple 2D animation at its best, it has strong emotions portrayed with just a few lines and gets the audience on side with this cheeky and very temperamental cat.

25 Years of Pixar Animation
Turning back to Pixar and John Lasseter to give me a little inspiration and drive. Just a quick video of the magic moments Pixar and Disney has bought to us over the years. In relevance to the project I'm considering using the animator for my written assignment - just for the simple fact I love all the animations he has created.

Taxi Driver (1976) - Robert De Niro
Pugnacious at its core!!! I think this is a brilliant influence for my teapot, I want it to seem feisty, yet have a laugh at its expense. At the moment character wise thinking of having a juxtaposing ego vs size. So a tiny teapot with a big personality.

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