Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Influences and Inspirations

My initial concept for this project was the idea of a pop-up book animation, when each page turns different cells etc. jump out and are animated above the book itself. I wanted the animation to be original and have multiple appeals, yet at the moment the target audience is a little hazy. Researching further I found the following video clips, giving me numerous ideas of how I can work with this idea and what can actually be achieved with the somewhat static pop-up book. With the first two animations, they portray how movement can be conveyed. I like the style and flow of the first animation, everything is clean cut and the colour palette is contained. The second is great style wise, slightly long winded in places, but I like the unfolding of the environment. The third clip isn’t portrayed as a pop-up book, but I just found it so mesmerising to watch, its simple in terms of design, yet the projection brings it to life. It is truly stunning and I felt I wanted to share as it could prove to be an inspiration within my work. The final animation included is being used in terms of a strong, bold sense of style and colour. At the moment I’m thinking of making the elements on flat 2D planes and applying detailed, in-depth textures – for example the door in the second clip. Although scientific content is vital the style is too. So far style wise I haven’t got a definitive path, I was thinking to either go with one of the following; vintage with pastel colours, retro with bold, bright shapes and colours or an ‘illustrationistic’ quality with soft colours, but bold outlines and definitions.

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