Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What A Difference A Day Makes . . .

Ok so in the last 24 hours I have changed my idea for this project about four, five times!!! After discussing with Phil yesterday I was nearly settled on a 1950’s satirical style animation, where knitting and sexist jokes were a must. Although I did like this concept and felt like it was a unique take something didn’t click! So what I’m about to do is going to be either be rather brave or something incredibly stupid – I hope it’s the first!! After a mini metal breakdown, a ten minute session of thinking ‘what am I doing’ and an hour and a half phone call with Anita I came up with this concept; an underwater theme. My ideas are expressed through the influence maps and video clips posted below. At the moment I’m thinking of the current as a driving force for the cycle and the cell movement to be ‘jellyfish’ like and pulsing. I feel in previous Maya experimentation this is where my design has been leaning towards, so instinct and subconscious wise this concept feels familiar and if done well could be effective.  

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