Friday, 24 August 2012

Return Of The Frizzia

As much as I'd love to say I am well underway with the summer project the truth is not so optimistic!! I haven't actually started it! - Sorry Phil, if it makes you feel better I'm not happy with myself about this! Throughout the summer I've been working on several Maya scenes and completing outstanding tutorials from the first CG year, as well as doing a few character/anatomy sketches. To be one hundred percent honest I probably won't complete the project, but I intend on working on character design at the very least. On a more positive note below is the CG pipeline of one of the scenes I’ve created in Maya. This was an image and story idea I had after listening to my chosen piece of music from the summer project (soundtrack 8). As the beat is optimistic, playful and adventurous I thought of the sea washing a secret message in a bottle on to the shore and having a chain of disruptive events after the message is found. However, the story just didn't seem the strongest fit to the music - so back to the drawing board and starting this project in the same fashion as the previous units ... RESEARCH!!!
'Bottled Up'
Final Render
Previous Modelling Ideas
Wire Frame
3D Untextured Model
Texture (unrendered)
Beauty Pass/Lighting Test 1
Beauty Pass/Lighting Test 2
Beauty Pass/Lighting Test 3
Ambient Occlusion
Final Render


  1. hahaha do not worry your not the only one whom has not done much for the summer project :( but not to worry, what your doing atm is really good :) you have not lost your touch for epicness :)

  2. Oh dear Lydia, slacking again? Like your photoshop portraits by the way, got a few techniques that may help you out. Lucky I'm back in week one isn't it. Good luck finishing that project, loads of time...