Monday, 22 October 2012

Class Work, Ideas and Quick Sketches

After last week being slightly cautious about the new unit, Character Design is becoming very enjoyable and I feel I’m improving with every class. In week two we learnt about shapes and how each character is built up of three main components either circles, squares or triangles. Each shape represents a characteristic:

Circle = Safe

Triangle = Evil

Square = Strong

Hence, if a character is made up of squares and triangles they were most likely to be a villain. Below we had to take a character and change the shapes in order to create a new persona e.g. transform Hercules’s circles and squares into squares and triangles – from strong and kind to dangerous and tough. Later on in the class we were asked to take another character and draw them in a different style e.g. transforming Krusty the Clown from cartoon to a more realistic sketch – the outcome something very uncanny, cannot believe I draw something that looks like the stuff from a child’s nightmare!!! (- however I manage to keep the correct proportions!!)

Below are a few quick sketches I did after class to work on the idea of shapes and their meanings. I half thought about my heroin character and the other half just experimented. They're by no means accomplished, but I feel happier with creating a character using basic shapes to build.

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