Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Initial Story Idea and Character Influence Maps

So far this is my very basic narrative concept; a mad scientist (villain) tries to take over the world with an army of ghost dinosaurs, which he transports back through time via his time machine. His side kick, a clumsy, short armed T-Rex, brings comedy to the scene, as completing the easiest tasks given by his master turns out to be a complete shambles. To stop the mad scientist destroying the world the female warrior (hero), who initially worked for the villain, fights back and vaporises the scientist’s creatures, whilst trying to destroy the one thing that will stop the chaos – the time machine.  

The intended target audience will be late teens; hence my final character concepts will have to be in a more realistic style to appeal.

Hero - Female Warrior - I've been looking at fictional female characters that are the fighters in their narratives and fixated on the idea of using all the basic shapes within her design – this will work well with the back story since the hero was once working with the villain. The image to the side of my influence map is definitely a major inspiration, as I love the idea of having the hero as a tribal warrior and using parts of her costume that will accentuate the genre – dinosaur ghost hunters. I’ve been thinking of ways the hero can destroy the dinosaur ghosts and haven’t got a fixed idea yet, but I’m thinking of having old fashioned warrior weapons, such as a bow and arrow or sword, but then putting a magical twist to make them believable in context. 

Villain - Mad Scientist – Within my influence map I have chosen a few clich├ęs when it comes to this character, but I like the concepts to the right – hence modernising this stereotype with my own twist. Main prop for the villain will clearly be the time machine.

Side Kick - Dinosaur Ghost - Originally I was going to have my side kick alongside my hero, but in this case the villain is the lucky or should I say unlucky choice. This is the character I'm least certain of at the moment as I have never heard of a dinosaur ghost.

Possible twist in the plot; hero, villain and side-kick worked together, until hero turns good. The side-kick appears to be on the side of the villain due to the fact the villain has the key to the portal and can destroy him – but secretly and more evidently as the story continues he is more affiliated with the hero. Either way the side-kick will lose out when the hero has to destroy the time machine.

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