Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Unit 8: Character Design Project

The most anticipated and feared unit has begun ... character design!!! As you may or may not know character design has not been my friend, but here’s hoping over the next 12 weeks this changes dramatically! And what better way to start it with than 'Dinosaur Ghost Hunters' - yes this is my starting point and my task is to create a hero, villain and side kick to go with my delegated genre. Well, it is different there's no denying that, which is probably the best way to go as it gives me the chance to create something truly original - anyway enough of my 'jiber-jaber'!! Below are a few of my influences and an idea for who my target audience will be.
My initial thoughts about 'Dinosaur Ghost Hunters' is across between Scooby-DooJurassic Park and Ghostbusters, hence portrayed in my influence maps. In terms of audience and style I haven't pinpointed it yet, as I need to have a definitive story idea to know who to attract, but in terms of style I was thinking of going for a slightly more realistic/illustrative look, so somewhere between cartoon and real. 

Below are sketches from the first lesson where we were challenged to draw random combinations, mine was a hippie secret agent - I think I've got the hippie down, but need more secret agent!!

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  1. Hey Frizzia,

    Really looking forward to seeing you get to grips with character design - onwards and upwards! :)