Friday, 30 November 2012

Environment Garden Final Renders

Environment Pipeline

3D Model with Paint Effect Trees

Wire Frame

3D Model and Wire Frame with Paint Effect Trees

Textures Unrendered

Beauty Pass

Ambient Occlusion Pass

Final Render - Beauty and Ambient Occlusion Pass

Envrionment Lighting

It's fair to say lighting has been a bit of a struggle!!! However, over the course of 5 days I'm finally satisfied with it! Below shows my progression and problems from start to finish. 

This is how it started ... not my finest work! I'm not even going to explain what this is, except the sun looks as if I added it in Paint!!

Moving on ....
Progressing without the environment and sun I lighted the set with a series of 'soft' spot lights to create a 'warmth'.

However, I need to include the sun and an environment so I restarted the lights from scratch and added a directional light, area light and a few spot lights. The main problem encountered was the shadows casted by the tree paint effects. Below is a diagrams explaining which settings created the effects. It was a mixture of these settings and the conflicted lighting causing several types of shadows.  

Changing the settings on the paint effects allowed them to cast a soft, realistic shadow, but altered the quality of the trees, hence when rendering I'd have to render on two different layers and then over lay the trees onto the correct shadow cast. I experimented with this and found the final images a little 'clunky' so I restarted the lighting for the last time.

The settings below gave a soft shadow, but not 100% realistic shadow castings. On artistic purposes I pursued with this lighting and shadow settings. I was concerned about the tree that is closest to the house, as when the shadow was cast the washing line looked like it was floating!! Hence, I created a poly tree under the paint effect one to cast a shadow. Below the diagram shows the settings for the final lighting.   

Final Lighting Renders

Below is a colour test for the environment shader.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Environment and Props: UV Mapping and Texturing Progression

So here's what I've neglected to post for the last week, very stressful and taxing, but hopefully rewarding now. I’ve fully UV mapped and then textured the environment 3D model, including paint effects. The props are also UV mapped the props and textured them. The textures are soft and paintly, quite a large number are hand painted. I tended to use real material images for the bump map to give it a contrast between art and real life. Below are the results. The lighting scene within the imagery is basic and is just used to give a soft atmosphere.

All texture Colour Maps and Bump Maps
UV Mapped scene with Paint Effect trees
UV Mapped tiles and Washing Line - using NCloth for items on the line
Texture Progression

Base house textures and wooden beams
Tiles Texture Test
Grass Texture - Bump Map testing

Final Textures (without final Lighting)

Charles's Props UV Mapped  

Final Textures - Colour and Bump Maps
All Props (left) and Alphabet Blocks (right)

Alphabet Blocks
Jack In the Box (left) and Spinning Top (right)

Train Final Render

Monday, 19 November 2012

Painful Progression

So I've added in the trees finally, after a gruelling amount of experimenting! I'm fairly happy with the result and also satisfied with the lighting I created within the scene. I've started the UV Mapping but still have a way to go before I can start to texture.

Birds Eye View

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Revised Character Shapes and Costume Silhouettes

After looking again closely at my final shapes there were still a number of alterations to be made. For instance both hero and villain had very pointy shoulders, which would only look like that in costume - hence I needed to strip that back. Im fairly happy with my resolved figure for the hero, however I can't quite get the arm right on the villain, so he'll need some more work on him before I'm satisfied with his shape.   

 These are a mix of silhouette and costume designs, so quite experimental! I have a range styles and the hair designs all seem to have a moderised style to them, yet the clothes are a mixed bag. I've also tried to integrate the hero's props into the designs. 

Lighting Experiments

These are just a few images from the lighting experimentations I created. I tried to get a 'softness' to scene and warmth. In some images this is successful and others not so much! However, I feel it was important to experiment with the different types of lights and settings to get an idea what will work in the final scene. So far none of these will actually use in the final scene, as there's not enough definition where the light source is coming from and some of the shadows/lights are too 'bluey' - saying that I think Fig. 6 shows promise.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Fig. 4
Fig. 5
Fig. 6