Saturday, 10 November 2012

Class Work

In Week 3 of Character Design class we were challenged to take a character (e.g. Danger Mouse) and draw the shapes that built it, then transform them to create 'cousins' of that character - hence adding weight, changing sex or personality. In class we learnt the basic shape differences of male/female characters and how to add weight in the appropriate places, to make the character more believable.  Below are the outcomes I feel I improved during this class and hopefully it shows in my work, going from big, chunky shapes to more defined and readable shapes. For the next task we were given a type of character and asked to draw several examples of them using a variety of shapes, although my characters don't really resemble wizards, I feel I've used some interesting shapes to create them.

Week 4 for me was a bit of a fail, the challenge was to use objects from a delegated room in a house (a gym) and bring them to life using the attributes they possess. I however created a number of mishaps!! There was potential in a few, but they just didn’t read as characters or they didn't resemble the equipment. Week 5 on the other hand was lots of fun; we focused on the pose line - which really gives the character its personality. I found it enjoyable to act out the scenarios we selected in groups and managed to draw a few strong, expressionate pose lines.

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