Sunday, 11 November 2012

Initial Character Shapes

At first with the villain I wanted to make him very eccentric and a crazy, unpredictable shape - hence several of my sketches are very varied in size. Yet after considering this, I felt it would be very stereotypical to go for a crazy, big haired, ‘boney’ mad scientist, therefore I'll be going down a more slick and broad approach - having the character more 'manly' and human like. This also makes more sense narrative wise, as the back story reveals a romance between the villain and hero - when they used to work together. The body shapes and sizes for both the male and female lead need to be similar to create a believable relationship between the two, also looks wise the villain needs to be fairly attractive in order for the audience to believe the back story. Another quirk to his personality will be his charm, as it works as a manipulator and in turn gets him what he wants.

When I started to sketch out shapes for the hero, I found myself repeating the same combinations. Hence, in an attempt to break the habit and create more originality, I studied strong heroines and their shapes. Thinking in terms of my character Lara Croft stood out in particular - I wanted to create a modernised cave woman - and after a discussion with Justin it became apparent I needed to elongate my character (making her less 'stumpy') and give her a more fragile figure - slick and ready to dive, duck and slink her way through combat, whilst using her intelligence and great weaponry skills to take control. These adjustments can be seen on the next post of sketches - using number 5 as a strong reference.

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