Monday, 12 November 2012


With the hero's weapons I wanted to use old fashioned weaponry, such as bow and arrow, crossbows, axes/hammers/swords etc and give them a modern, scientific twist. Influences include the proton pack from Ghost Busters and the lightning bolts the crew of Captain Shakespeare's Vessel capture in Stardust. As the hero is fighting dinosaur ghosts it's impractical that she can defeat them with sharp blades/arrow heads, hence using an old fashioned weapon with an electrical charge could be the answer e.g. an electrical crossbow that fires the same amount of voltage as a lightning strike, which can breakdown the ghostly particles that make up the dinosaurs - well that's my logic anyway!!! Another quick thought as the hero is a modern cave woman; her club could be seen as a lightning rod, which she uses to channel electricity to destroy her enemies.

In terms of the villain's time travel machine I wanted to have an object or part of the costume to convey this prop, instead of room, as this prop is a major part of the story and should be depicted most of the time. I've been thinking of using an arm cuff/armour/wires to convey the time machine. Something elaborate and theatrical, in terms of design, I've looked at BeyoncĂ©’s 'robot hand/arm cuff' from the 'Single Ladies' music video, also Lady Gaga's cyborg wires and 'arm metal' from the music videos 'You and I' and 'Paparazzi'. On a more 'manly' note thinking of Batman's arm guard and from iRobot Will Smith's bionic arm are other main considerations. The flux capacitor from Back To The Future is another refence point. I want to make the object prominent and a vital component of the villain. 

Below are a the initial prop designs.

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