Sunday, 18 November 2012

Revised Character Shapes and Costume Silhouettes

After looking again closely at my final shapes there were still a number of alterations to be made. For instance both hero and villain had very pointy shoulders, which would only look like that in costume - hence I needed to strip that back. Im fairly happy with my resolved figure for the hero, however I can't quite get the arm right on the villain, so he'll need some more work on him before I'm satisfied with his shape.   

 These are a mix of silhouette and costume designs, so quite experimental! I have a range styles and the hair designs all seem to have a moderised style to them, yet the clothes are a mixed bag. I've also tried to integrate the hero's props into the designs. 

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  1. number 6 is you! I like these pages, Frizzia - lots of energy - I like the body etc. of 4, and 1 has an 80s vibe.