Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Villain Prop, Hero Head and Costume Sketches

With the Villain's prop I still need to develop it further, as although I want it to appear streamline and 'state of the art', it still needs to be more aesthetically pleasing and at the moment it’s a tad on the boring side. Hence to fix this I will extrude the shapes from the designs (figure 1 in particular) to give the arm piece a more appeasing quality.

I'd drew a few head designs for the hero previously, although I felt I needed to go back to the basics (i.e. head shape, individual features) to fully be in control of designing a character's face rather than drawing a generic head. I'm still in the process of designing. The sketch to the right is not the final design at all, since the features are too harsh and read more as a villain than a hero - yet I wanted to experiment with colour, hence I used this sketch as a starter.

Experimenting with colour pencils, costume design. I wanted to combine cavewoman materials (fur) with ghostly Sci-fi colours (purples/greens/blues) to make prominent the genre. Thinking of a 'modern cavewoman' the clothing needs stronger development and definition. The idea of caveman/tribal markings on both props, clothes and possibly tattooed on the character is something I will research further into.   

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