Sunday, 29 December 2013

DRAFT: Quick Test

Quick test - patterning the object via texture

1 - Original Render, 2 - Pattern Render, 3 - Pattern Render Overlay, 4 - Image Overlay, 5 - Pattern Render Overlay and Image Overlay, 6 - Colour Correction, 7 - Sepia and 8 - Snow-globe Grass Test 

DRAFT: Change of Direction

Modelling Continued
As I mentioned previously I felt there was something lacking, not quite right with the final renders. Colour/saturation aside, I started to experiment in photoshop with effects and colours to check if anything sparked interest! Within the first five images I used the sketch tool and a diffuse tool to soften and harden the maya renders. The fifth image with the embossed detail seems to be working, I also continued testing with sepia colouring and for whatever reason it felt as if it worked well. Continuing to experiment I decided to overlay prints/patterns of photographs I took of my Nan's furnishings - which proved to be fairly interesting - clearly there is some work to be done in terms of bringing back some of the object forms - yet I think this could be the route to go down!! 

Need Steps 
+ Experiment with render layers to make object shapes more prominent     
+ Inside of overlaying the pattern on the final render, overlay on texture maps - hence the pattern is wrapped round the object
+ Complete modelling, UV mapping and Lighting 

Monday, 23 December 2013

Cabinet of Travels: Modelling Completed

I'm close to completing all modelling, just the lounge to go. In terms texturing I will be experimenting with different styles - as for the moment there seems to be something lacking - hence experimenting/selecting a stronger, bolder style could bring my Nan's house to life. Keep tuned results to be posted after Christmas!

Lounge Coming Soon!!!

(... and yes there is a Koala!)

The piano my Grandad would play I'd Buy That Dream to my Nan

Monday, 16 December 2013

DRAFT: Modelling and Lighting Progression


+ Lighting Tests - working with Mental Ray Rendering nodes
+ Lighting Tests - colour and temperature
+ Modelling - clothes on the bed (socks, tie, trousers etc) dressing table, chair and contents (vase, comb, books, photograph frames etc)
+ Need to keep tweaking the lighting - still a little on the dark side
+ Need to finalise textures - especially the clothes on the bed, light lamp shade, and the dressing table and its contents

Thursday, 5 December 2013

DRAFT: Room Progression - Textures and Lighting Tests


Texturing and Lighting Tests
- Painting textures with and without toon outline
- Testing spotlights/ambient/directional
- Testing physical sun and sky
- Portal lighting to be tested next

Monday, 2 December 2013

DRAFT: Texture Tests


Quick texturing test using Mia X Material and Toon Shader
- Just testing to see whether this style is a suitable route to go down

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Modelling Process

Ok, so the modelling process is underway now! After a long break working on the dissertation it feels good to be back in Maya and with a somewhat slow start, I've picked up the pace and managed to create the following objects. I'm starting with the first room (digital set) - the bedroom - so fingers crossed and stay tuned for what will hopefully be a finished model by the end of the week!! - Optimistic!