Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Couldn't Resist

I do realise that they look like floating ghost cakes!!! - but I just wanted to do a quick experiment with NCloth and starting considering the technical challenge of cobweb making in Maya. Within this experiment I wanted to see how cloth would fall over the cake and then did a quick texture test.


  1. Hi Lydia

    I like the idea of Great Expectations for a few reasons...

    1) Often a good way to improve your design and technical skills is to 'not fall too far from the roost'. This true of all of your choices but obviously Dicken's is local and gives easy access to lots of research.

    2) It's a challenge to re-think it and be original. Because it's local, well known, and been produced many times it could be an interesting challenge to make it yours. Style development and design approach would be very important.

    3) It changes with audience age. Dicken's has been made for a whole range of audiences which means there is scope to go dark and light.

  2. Thanks Alan :) I still need to think about which style i'll use and how to put my own twist on the project

  3. Hello! When you spoke about a decaying cake today at your presentation, it reminded me of this 'art video' of this fruit bowl in which the fruits are decaying. I cannot remember the name of it and when I tried to search for it online, I found something close. It's a time lapse video:

    And this picture just showed up on my tumblr feed and I thought, "LYDIA!":

    Hope this helps! I can't wait to see what you have in store =D

  4. Thanks Le! I love the wedding cake of death!! Definitely gave me lots to think about, thanks for these :)