Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Side Kick Progression

On the left is an influence map pin-pointing how I imagine the side kick's personality to be. As he under the control of the villain it was important both aesthetically and personality wise to have an apparent 'mean streak'. However, saying this he still has a strong alliance with the hero, hence still needs a softer, more appealing side to his character. So Toothless, Stitch and Maximus all have a darker side and playful side to their character - in terms making them appealing. Toothless has a cat persona, whilst Maximus is more like a dog than a horse at times. I imagine my side kick to be quite elegant and almost have a bird like persona - friendly and inquisitive, but has an edge, doesn't like just anybody approaching him and will attack when threatened. Below are the initial sketches for my dinosaur ghost (side kick). In the end I decided to return to a piece I started in class, as I thought it seemed best suited. I progressed from there by doing head variations, then a colour test and full body design. Since the character is a ghost colour wise I thought I'd go for blues, purples and turquoise. I like the idea of the scales being opaque and the body being translucent.

Colour Test

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  1. I really love the sidekick! He's got a cute little face! :)