Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Photographing Decay

Photographing Decay - A selection of photographs I took of a dying bouquet of roses. I then progressed to edit colour, contrast and texture to bring the images to life. Several of the images I will use to inspire form/shape and texture within my modeled set. I think it’s both beautiful and haunting to have something decay, yet remain perfectly formed - this is what I can see within Miss Havisham's Wedding Reception.

Experiments: Lighting and Focal Length

Within this selection of renders I started to consider focal length and how it affects the feel/space of the room. It proved effective in giving the room the space and depth it needed to convey and convince in believable terms. With the next selection of renders I was experimenting with lighting and block colours.

Experiments and Mock Modelling - Layout, Scale, Perspective and Lighting

Using the base shape from my Photoshop thumbnail, I began creating a mock up layout in Maya. I still need to add a considerable amount of objects/geometry within the room and tweak the base shape, but apart from that I'm not too displeased with the results. Hopefully I’ve managed to maintain a ‘softness’ to the geometry that was expressed within my clay work. With the latter selection of renders I began to edit colour and produce hybrids (using Maya and Photoshop) as I considered lighting, cobwebs, atmosphere and texture. The last two images I want to explore in more depth and in terms of lighting I think 'god rays'/beams of light is the right way to go - dramatic, yet realistic to the narrative.

Modelling 4: Games Modelling Normal Maps 1-3

Normal Maps 1 : From Geometry
Normal Maps 2 : Using Photoshop & Nvidia 

Normal Maps 3 : Using Photoshop & Nvidia (Corridor)
Without Normal Maps
Normal Maps 3 : Using Photoshop & Nvidia (Corridor)
With Normal Maps

Dynamics 2: Instancing Part 6-9 - Arrows, Rockets, Pointers and Trees

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Clay Work

I created the following experiments with clay to convey how soft and sunken I want the objects on the table to be; such as the cake – as if everything has molded, sunken together. I will also take this logic and apply it to the rest of the room, so it's like the room's erosion is forming the objects that lie within it. I did my own edits/drawings on top of the photographs to bring in the idea of how to texturize the scene. As far as colour palette I'm keen on keeping a sepia tone, but maybe adding a few flashed of colour to bring an 'uncanniness' to the piece.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Experimentation Continued

 Within this selection of renders I combined previous experiment models and worked into them, tweaking the lighting and blending modes, as well as adding a toon outline in some trials. I wanted the 3d modelled items to have the same 'scratchy'/'inky' quality as the hand painting wall texture. I think so far the images nearer the end have the quality that I am looking for; however there is still room for more experimentation!!! The last set of images were renders that I drew upon to give the 3d models a more 'sketchy' aesthetic.