Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Clay Work

I created the following experiments with clay to convey how soft and sunken I want the objects on the table to be; such as the cake – as if everything has molded, sunken together. I will also take this logic and apply it to the rest of the room, so it's like the room's erosion is forming the objects that lie within it. I did my own edits/drawings on top of the photographs to bring in the idea of how to texturize the scene. As far as colour palette I'm keen on keeping a sepia tone, but maybe adding a few flashed of colour to bring an 'uncanniness' to the piece.


  1. Hey Lydia,

    Have to say these are looking fantastic. Personally I really like the black space, and that almost macro camera angle. Would be interesting to play with scale within environment the way that certain Eastern European styled animators tend to do - Brothers Quay, Svankmajer etc Though obviously without straying too far from the style suggested from your source material.

    You should definitely consider moving into Maya and devising some methods to achieve this look within a CG space - without losing the charm these images have. :)

  2. Thanks Tom :) Will definitely try to do all the above!

  3. I second this, Ms Frizz; there is something 'stop-motion' and Jiri Barta-esque going on here and you should strive to maintain this. Personally, I think you need to embrace exaggeration and distortion too; a very successful set of images, but I want to see you closing in on your methodology now - let's see some Maya hybridisation on here soon :)

  4. Working on it now Phil :) Thanks