Saturday, 9 March 2013

Tear Catchers

Although tear catchers weren't mentioned within the description of the novel, I felt they had a strong significance - hence should be included within the contents of the dining room. I modelled the item in Maya, then took several renders and continued to edit, tweak, and paint over the images. I think although the colour palette will be in sepia, texturing the item in its true colour beforehand, will bring a 'richness' to the item. I attempted to make cobwebs within Maya using an image file - yet as you can see this was a fail! I will be experimenting with different shaders and dynamics in the following weeks to makes the cobwebs convincing. Within two particular images I have tried to portray 'real life' lighting and within another have drawn over different markings to give a 'scratchy' feel. I will in the near future model and texture an object in the style I wish to convey my animation in.


  1. I think the word from Friday would've been to go go go! All this experimentation will pay off in the end. I love that purpleish beauty image of the bottles.

  2. Lydia looks these are beautiful. i agree with Tom purple ones are my favorite too!