Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Old Furniture Shop

'The Old Furniture Shop' 
Modelling the Set Progression

The modelling process is truly well underway and looking like an 'old furniture shop'. Nothing is placed in the correct layout of the room, but the pieces of furniture are all modeled to the standard I need for my final animation. The majority of renders are in ambient occlusion and with the chair and cabinet I've experimented either with textures or lighting or both. I'm fairly happy with how the models are looking especially the table cloth - as I think it looks quite similar to the clay models I created. So in the next couple posts expect a HUGE  AMOUNT of modelling and a few more lighting experiments and hopefully a bit more structure in terms of object placement!!



  1. I love that overly long, messy table cloth. Absolutely gives a sense of character and personality to the environment. Nice touch!

  2. Funky chair! The textures on the back rails look like sugar pretzels with icing.

  3. These look great, Lydia! =D