Tuesday, 30 April 2013

DRAFT: Texturing Is SLOWLY Progressing


Ok, so at the movement texturing it going so slow, but had a break through today so here are two images that are heading in the right direction. 


Rug - literally the only thing I like about my project at the moment!

Whole Scene Render - ignore the blue square!! 20 minutes to render the beauty pass!!

Tester 2

Still have to sort out textures such as glass, gold, silver etc
Stay tuned!!!


  1. Lydi I love them!!! Wow!! however I feel like bump value (of the floor) is a bit too big. It feels like it need to be reduced. But overall looks very cool!

  2. my favourite bit is the blue square.


    I thinking 'wow' - I'm also thinking Ernesta might have a point!

    That blue square though - love it! :)

  3. Cheers Phil and Ernesta :) I agree will sort the bump map out and Phil I think the blue square has potential but most likely won't make the final cut!

  4. Keep calm Lydia! It looks GREAT! :D

  5. Hey Lydia, it's looking pretty bloody amazing. Lighting is really working well and the textures have a very nice tone to them. My suggestions regarding the floor are that it seems a bit soft. I'm not too sure if the bump value is too high or maybe the resolution of the bump map is too low. It looks like the details (scratches in the wood etc) are too soft and it's all getting a bit lost in the colour. Looking forward to seeing more :)

  6. Thanks boys :) I'll keep playing around with the bump map for the floor :)