Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Lighting Process: Part 2

Persevering with lighting is hopefully paying off, below is a number of renders showing my progression - from quite 'muddy' compositions to more refined and dynamic lighting. In terms of finishing the lighting process I still have to do a chunk of 'tweaking' - especially in terms of intensity - and consider cleaner blending modes, but I'd say the end is insight! Candle light and rim lighting (using texture nodes) will also be added at a later date to 'pop' certain objects out.


  1. Would be worth put those light rays on a seperate layer too - that way you can control the opacity/colour etc independently from everything else in the scene. Glad it's coming together!

  2. Frizzia - the 5th image - with the rays - SOOOO filmic! :D

  3. Thanks Phil and Tom :) And yep will definitely be putting the rays on a separate render layer

  4. Also - and this might just be me - but I'm finding that the thinner piercing streaks of light are coming across as somewhat bullet hole-ish? Like the scene is the aftermath of some deadly John Woo-style shootout. I wonder if you could have a few more flatter streakier rays, so to suggest a more torn shape in the curtains rather than a circular shape hole?

    1. yep - I can see that wild west thing going on too - so yes, maybe some more elliptical/elongated rays...

  5. Hahaha my mum said the same thing!! Will sort the lighting today