Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Lighting Process: Part 3

As mentioned within the previous post the lighting had to be altered. Below are the results, including transitioning from 'bullet hole' beams of light to rays of light! Overall the change in lighting has given the scene a softer appearance, which is pleasing in some respects, but allows me to work with contrast in after effects to make certain elements 'pop'.

DRAFT: Texturing Coming To An End


Below are all 120 texture and bump maps used within the digital set

Below are the renders of the chandelier and table contents with the previous lighting 

The grand mirror has caused roughly 3 antagonizing days spent on trying to solve why the mirrors reflection is rendered out 'bleached' - despite breaking all light links - the cause due to the intensity of the lighting and its position to the respective lights. The result was a change in lighting - switching from directional to spotlight and lowering the intensity - as well as a move within the environment placing it so the light sources weren't directly pointing to it. Below the 'bleached' render is a new render portraying its move within the space and the fact that the reflection is now working.

Below is a HD render with a colour pass to create a stronger tone - textures and light beams have been altered since the render

Final renders coming soon!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

It's Coming To Life!!

This is no means the final output, but this is my experimentation combining the digital set and live action film. Below is a still and a quick movement test.