Thursday, 2 May 2013

It's Coming To Life!!

This is no means the final output, but this is my experimentation combining the digital set and live action film. Below is a still and a quick movement test.


  1. I like my house haha, this looks really amazing Lydia!

  2. Hey Lydia,

    A small suggestion, and one super easily achieved in post-production so worry not about another Maya challenge to overcome! I think your scene is ever so slightly washing out and lacking a bit in terms of richness of tonality. I think you could afford to increase the contrast in your scene by darkening your shadows, and slightly lightening your midtones to compensate. In Photoshop and After Effects this would be done by adjusting the overall Levels. When you open the Levels window in PS the left hand adjusts shadow, middle arrow is midtones and right arrow adjust highlights) Hope that makes sense, otherwise I can explain tomorrow! :)

  3. oh, there's Alice looking gloomy in a frock... I can't believe I didn't see this post previously; very ghostly, but you might want to tell Alice that a bit of hoovering woudn't go a-miss...

    Really looking forward to seeing you bring all these components together, Frizzia :)